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What do you think about simultaneously helping and attracting students? Via automated, streamlined administration? Through ScholarshipOwl, you can re-invent your university as a top-tier digitized maverick that students will flock to. Gladly.

Increase your competitiveness in the academic market

Scholarship Campaign Manager is an innovative digital platform for setting, promoting and distributing scholarships. Sign up and reap all the benefits (administrative, cost-efficient, HR, marketing) ahead of other academic institutions.

Embrace digital revolution and pioneer new approaches

Nowadays, impeccable education practices are a must – it’s the additional services that separate top institutions from mediocre ones. By employing digital tools such as ScholarshipOwl, you are re-branding your university as a 21 st century visionary, leading the way of digital transformation.

Transparent criteria for eligibility and selection

Scholarship Campaign Manager lets you choose the criteria and instantly combs through the pool of applicants, so you don’t have to. The criteria are clearly defined and transparent. The draw can even be automated and randomized, for unparalleled objectivity.

Customizable filters and complementary documents

Large choice of filters and selection criteria lets you instantaneously narrow down the pool of applicants. What about the documents that accompany scholarships? The wizard provides you with all the necessary administration (affidavit, privacy policy, terms) that can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Ongoing support

We doubt that we would need to explain anything to you, but – if you wish to chat – our team is always at your disposal.

Skyrocket visibility of your institution

With 8 million registered students in our network, ScholarshipOwl boasts one of the biggest pool of potential students for your university. Add word-of-mouth to those numbers and the circle of influence grows much larger.

Streamlined, automated scholarship administration that costs less

Scholarship admission and administration process is managed through the platform’s wizard and is fully automated. This means time extremely well-spent, and significant cuts in administrative costs for your institution.

Multiple scholarships in a single platform

Facilitate and manage as many scholarships as you want and need via a single platform. Platform wizard allows you to set and promote each scholarship in minutes, instead of hours and days.

Free tool worth a lot

Scholarship Campaign Manager is a free tool for scholarship providers. No hidden costs, and lots of benefits that will elevate your institution and improve relationships with your current and future students!

Join top-tier universities

More academic institutions are turning towards digital solutions for every area of operations. Make sure you read about all the additional benefits and use them to promote your university!

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