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The basic features in our Scholarship Campaign Manager are free. You’ll only pay when you sponsor a Scholarship Campaign. From creating your own scholarship to managing it. From selecting the applicants and notifying them about their award. What’s more, even the scholarship page builder is free.

Free Forever

It's simply free

  • Distribution through ScholarshipOwl

    Meet over 8 million students looking for scholarships. Scholarship Campaign Manager is helping you do that by showing your scholarship only to the relevant applicants. (e.g. if your scholarship is open to the New York area, ScholarshipOwl will show your program only to the students that are in New York. This algorithm is helping you get more quality from the applications)

  • Hundreds of integrations (Zapier, API, directly embeddable into your website)

    You can embed the application form directly into your website to streamline your award process or connect your scholarship application with more than 1,000 apps through Zapier. Add your new applications to your CRM, or Tweet about them, or even send them a personalized email. You have endless possibilities to interact and communicate with the students that apply for your scholarship.

  • Application scoring

    Score all your applications that come in based on the criteria that you define.

  • Unlimited users

    You decide which member of your team has access to the scholarship management platform and to which extent to prevent unintentional bias in decisions.

Sounds too good to be true?

We're giving you the platform for free, in perpetuity, because we're counting on your feedback. You tell us what to build and we'll be able to build the best award management platform in the world, instead of guessing what features we need to develop. And in the future, we'll be able to monetize it from other organizations.

“Scholarship app is a well-developed tool to launch your scholarships with a great user interface. The provided information and support is optimal and the operations performed by the tool are more than expected”
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