Grit is old news – welcome, unique approaches and revamped marketing tools! Give to get and all that jazz. But what if you could really help many along the way – brands, businesses, students – and also gain traction on your social media profiles? Well... you can. Practically effortlessly. Read on to see how.

Scholarships are dope

Join the ranks of Beyonce, Rihanna, Millie Bobby Brown, Drake, LeBron James, and many other education supporters and ambassadors. Increasing numbers of celebrities are hosting their scholarships and helping students with tuitions and student loans.

Unique marketing tool

ScholarshipOwl presents your scholarship to our community of 8 million active students. There is significant marketing and awareness potential in those numbers that you can leverage and use to promote your brand and social media profiles.

Fully customizable scholarships

Create single or recurring scholarships, in your name, or in the name of the brand you’re representing. You can also announce multiple scholarships. Or partner up with us and do what you do best – we will provide scholarships, you promote and endorse us. The possibilities are endless! Choose the option that suits you best and let us know!

Boost visibility and reach of your brand

With unparalleled marketing potential, that is neither aggressive nor artificial (quite the opposite), and community-building powers of scholarships via word-of-mouth, your brand will organically grow in popularity (we appreciate followers, too). Plus, it’s all for good reason – helping people achieve their goals.

Pick your tribe

Our platform lets you specify all the necessary criteria: age, location, educational background, and many more. We compile resumes and motivational letters for an easy overview, should you need them.

Administration – the name of our game

Along with the efficient process of setting a scholarship and choosing a winner, we will provide all the accompanying documents that every scholarship needs – an affidavit, privacy policy and terms of use. These are fully customizable, and you can tweak them any way you want.

Hosting a scholarship is easy

With ScholarshipOwl, the process is easy as 1,2,3. The platform is optimized to help you create and announce your scholarship in minutes. You only have to sign up and set your scholarship - the rest of the process is fully automated.

Branding and social awareness

Aside from helping students and supporting education, your own scholarship can play a huge role in branding and social awareness efforts. You pick your cause and build traction when you announce a scholarship - whichever group or cause are closest to your heart, scholarships are the best way to support them and raise awareness about the issues.

Build communities around your brand

Whether you are announcing scholarship independently, or in partnership with a brand, you will naturally extend an invitation for your cause and reach a lot of people that share your values. Sign up and engage with tens of thousands of students!

Top platform for top influencers

ScholarshipOwl’s platform lets you create your own scholarship in a matter of minutes, hassle-free. Our wizard guides you through the whole process effortlessly.

We also have an algorithm

In case you want to randomize the final draw, our algorithm automatically chooses the winner, so no one can accuse you of being subjective. Set it and forget it – until it’s time to congratulate the winner.

Kindness is the new grit

How much does it cost? Our platform is FREE for all scholarship providers – we believe in giving back to the communities, and enabling all the humanitarians to effortlessly fulfill their goals! Whaaat?! Yep, you read that right. Feel free to hit us up – we would love to chat with you about all the possibilities of engagement.

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