High Schools

We have combined modern digital tools with community-building powers to help high schools optimize their activities and attract many students through numerous benefits our platform provides. See how you can use all the extra opportunities to solidify and improve your position in the education market.

Little less administration, little more action

Whether your school is announcing its own scholarship, or collecting and presenting various other scholarships, the administrative resources needed can skyrocket quickly. Scholarship Campaign Manager alleviates tasks and allows your counselors to spend much more time focusing on students. And the funds you spare could even become an additional scholarship for your students.

Say ‘adios’ to frustrating accompanying administration

Within the platform you will find all the additional documents that you need for scholarships – affidavit, privacy policy and terms of use. These are fully customizable templates that you can adapt to your needs.

Choose the winner easily

You can choose the winner manually or let our platform randomize the applicants and match the scholarship prize to the most deserving individual, via our state-of-the-art algorithm. This way, the objectivity is at its highest!

Community-building powers

Presenting a scholarship attracts many people, and your high school quickly and easily becomes well-known in a large pool of prospective students. Crafting and following through with an image of the high school that really cares about its students will quickly launch you into the constellation of premier education providers, so you can reap all the benefits that follow it.

The process is easy as 1,2,3

Scholarship Campaign Manager is structured to be helpful. This means that the whole process is streamlined and optimized for efficiency, saving you two valuable resources: funds and time.

Higher than other high schools

With ScholarshipOwl’s pool of 8 million active users and a myriad of scholarship providers, you can easily achieve two goals: introduce your school to a lot (and we mean – a lot!) of prospective students through your own scholarship, and network with other scholarship providers to provide additional benefits to your students.

The best part? It’s free

All scholarship providers can access and use our platform completely free of charge. We want to provide more opportunities for students, and enable scholarship providers to do that effortlessly.

Easily set up the eligibility criteria

The platform’s wizard lets you specify all the relevant parameters: age, country, background, etc. and tweak them to fully address the pool of prospective students. It also compiles resumes and motivation letters for an easy overview. No more combing through gazillions of mismatched applications!

Digitalization will set you apart

There are many fine high schools, but not many fully employ the power of digital tools. ScholarshipApp streamlines the whole process of announcing a scholarship, saving you significant funds which you can direct into additional programs and activities to make your high school stand out from competition. Couple it with high visibility and word-of-mouth, and watch your popularity rise among the students.

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