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Even with all the existing benefits of scholarships – supporting students and the satisfaction on the humanitarian side – we believe there is so much more to them. Scholarships are vastly underleveraged resource and business strategy that can be rewarding for so many people and organizations. Thinking about hosting a scholarship? Read through to find out why ScholarshipOwl is the best choice for setting up, announcing, and managing your scholarship.

Digital tool to help you tap into a potent resource

ScholarshipOwl announces your scholarship to our community of 8 million students. Aside from helping students, we believe that scholarships can be leveraged and utilized in other departments, specifically marketing and HR. Want to know how to optimize these departments via scholarships?

Promote your organization

We are proponents of employing scholarships in a smarter way, and transforming them into efficient HR and marketing tools. This way, over the years, the resources you save in these departments will further accumulate and propel your activities as a non-profit. Read more about the ways to utilize scholarships on our blog.

Invaluable database of potential associates

When you decide to announce a scholarship via ScholarshipOwl, you gain access and contacts of numerous future experts in chosen fields of study. This alone takes the networking to a whole new level, since they are getting to know you in the most favorable light – as an organization that cares and wants to invest in someone’s future. Be they your future employee or an intern, or a friendly face in another company, the potential of such a bond brings rewards for everyone.

Bonus: accompanying administration

To further cull down the administrative pile, we have also included the necessary documents for each scholarship – an affidavit, privacy policy and terms of use. Should your needs dictate it, these are fully customizable and can be adapted.

Decrease administration expenditure

Even with all the benefits, preparing and announcing scholarships can be tasking. ScholarshipOwl’s mission is to make the process as quick as possible – that is why our platform is optimized for scholarship providers. This translates into saving resources related to administration, namely time and financial means. Sign up and watch these resources grow.

Build communities around your values

Scholarships craft a bond between the provider and the scholarship winner. The organic networking, of course, spreads onto the winner’s and candidates’ environment, and could potentially lead to other arrangements – perhaps that of a future intern or employee in your organization. Or someone who shares and promotes your values.

The app’s goal: efficiency

ScholarshipOwl is set in such a way to minimize the time and accompanying administration needed for scholarships: the wizard takes you through setting up a scholarship, which takes only a few minutes, and announces it to our immense pool of students. This way, you save both time and funds you would have to invest if you went through the process alone. There is no need for such a winding route – our platform offers the quickest path!

Multiple scholarships, easy as 1,2,3

In case you want to announce several scholarships, the process is exactly the same and as efficient. There are no limits to how many scholarships you can announce and multiply the benefits, both for the students and your organization! Once you sign up, you can create and manage as many scholarships as you want!

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